Weekly Reading: 01/14/2019

Your mind and body and days have been filled with lists of “to-do” and “to-be” items that seem overwhelmingly important. You’ve got your irons in a whole lot of fires, just as you like, and the achievement of juggling a million important items like a boss is highly satisfying…on the surface.

Chances are, though, that underneath the buzz of plans and activities capturing your attention, you may be feeling a vague sense of restlessness. Everything you’re managing right now, so impressive to the world at large, may feel more and more like white noise to your soul. Just as you are being recognized as a leader, a small voice inside starts piping up, “Yeah, and…?”

It’s important when that little “so-what” voice starts rearing its head to give it some attention. The more you try to squash it down, the stronger and more resilient it becomes. Better to carve out some time for reflection now than deal with a complete meltdown later.

Sure, you’re busy, but you’ve always got time to attend to your soul. Take a moment to reflect on your life, on the projects you’ve got going, and on the obligations you are carrying. It doesn’t need to be a two-week silent retreat in the mountains with a guru. Turn off the radio on your commute, or set the alarm an hour early to give yourself quiet time to think. Look at your life, your agenda, your relationships with a clear eye and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What projects or obligations feed my soul?
  • What projects or obligations drain my energy and enthusiasm?
  • How many things can I let go of to clear my mind and energy for more important pursuits?
  • What are my “ego” projects? What am I holding onto because they seem important or impressive to me, regardless of whether I am really enjoying them?
  • What can I let go of gracefully?
  • Who can I trust to help me let go?

As you review these things, take note of the pain points that are dragging you down. While some of these pain points may be non-negotiables, like a necessary job, you can still find ways to lessen their impact on your soul. You can also look into restructuring your time to place a little more emphasis on those things that really matter to you.

Yes, you can juggle the world like a boss. But don’t forget to include your needs and desires in the line-up.

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