Everyday Mysticism: Guest Post by Deedra Hill Abboud

Sometimes, I see a thread on the Twitter Machine that just stops me cold in my tracks and makes me say, yes!
Deedra Hill Aboud is a lawyer, blogger, and candidate for US Senate representing Arizona. I met her shortly after the election in 2016 and have been following her on social media since. When she threw her hat into the ring to replace Jeff Flake in the US Senate, I thought, “okay….” A year later, I’m completely on board with Team Deedra, and the following Twitter thread is a perfect example of why.
In these tumultuous times, we need leaders who are thoughtful, who make mature choices and have considered opinions. We have let the inmates run the asylum far too long, and it’s lovely to see some actual grown-ups venturing into leadership roles. I am including the full text of the thread here with Deedra’s permission. If you like what you read, I hope you will take a moment to learn more about her campaign.

We do not just desire to make a difference; we desire to see the difference. Making a difference requires work, investment, and planning for the short-term and the long-term – keeping an eye out for unintended consequences to avoid. Instant gratification is rare for real change.

If you really want to make a difference, opportunities are everywhere. Pick a passion.

If your passion is children, look to homeless, to orphans, to the disadvantaged. A multitude of local organizations exist that can point you to the needs – and there are many.
If your passion is women’s rights, the opportunities exist from shelters to politics – direct help to advocacy. Women (ultimately impacting children) are suffering. Shelter funding is on the decline. Women’s healthcare and reproductive freedom is under attack.
If your passion is poverty, we have a lot of it. Food pantries are struggling. Homelessness is on the rise. Mental health funding is a disgrace.
If those ideas are too much for you, just be a good person. Help people when you see people need help. When a co-worker is picked-on, stand up for them or report it to human resources. If you witness a wrong, correct it. Bullies can smell a victim. Stand up to bullies.
People watch What Would You Do? & are astounded at the inaction of people witnessing injustices or wrong behavior. But we have become a society of “mind your own business,” “do not make waves,” & “someone else will do something,”“It’s not my problem,”“don’t be a hero.”
The people who stand up for others are now the exception. Everyone wants to be a hero, but few want to do what it takes. To the people that need help, anyone can be a hero. The story of the “Star Fish Man” comes to mind.
If you want to positively impact the world, you do not have to move to a far-off land; you just have to engage in the place where you live. Start with your own field of influence. Just start.

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