Weekly Reading: 4/16/2018

You already know what to do. In fact, you’re already on the path to everything you want. Now is the time to pay it forward–look around you at those who are trying their best, and see how you can mentor them. Just as someone reached out a hand to you at a critical juncture in your journey, you are now in a position to be that guiding force for another. Remember to check your attitude, though. You’re not doing this for glory or as a favor. Rather, you are repaying an old debt and setting the scales in balance. This is how it is done, and it’s a good thing!

We hope you enjoy these general mini-readings. If you would like a personalized, full reading, please check out our Facebook page for contact information and pricing.

If you enjoy the artwork in these readings, please visit The Enchanted World of Amy Zerner & Monte Farber.

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