Weekly Reading: 1/29/2018

All change requires time, effort, and space to become fully realized. Our impatience not only makes the wait seem longer…it can actually increase the length of time needed to fulfill our goals. Plant the seeds, pull the weeds, and let nature do the rest of the job.

Contrary to what a lot of people would like you to believe, it is not a dog-eat-dog world out there. If progress on your dreams seems too slow and others appear to be moving past you, it is time to pull back and get some perspective.

When we start seeing life as a battle, and other people as enemy combatants, we not only stress ourselves out but we also deny ourselves potential mentors, allies, and supporters. Life is not a no-win scenario, and competition is not the only way to advance in life. Why not try cooperation? It takes trust. It takes patience. But if the options are war or cooperation, why choose battle?

In a society that seems intent on pitting us against each other, working from love and cooperation is the ultimate act of rebellion. The next time you feel jealous, or inadequate, or threatened by another person pursuing their dreams, look at them with the eyes of love. Look at them as a sibling, a fellow traveler in this insanely wonderful journey we’re traveling together. They are experiencing much of the same fears and desires as you. We are more alike than we are different.

The smoothest path to joy is through love. Compassion, patience, and decency will always beat competition when the goal is a life well lived.

If you enjoy the artwork in these readings, please visit The Enchanted World of Amy Zerner & Monte Farber.

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