Weekly Reading: 12/04/2017

Now is the time to reach out and become aware of the love and support that surrounds you. It’s possible that you are still holding on to old grudges, old hurts, and betrayals that are long past due for forgiveness.

The time is ripe to make a move. Make a call, send an email, offer up that lunch invitation. Open up the lines of communication, straight from the heart, and make the first move.

There are only two possible outcomes–either you will usher in a new era of closeness, or you will realize that there is nothing left to hold on to, thus freeing yourself from the painful burden of ancient wounds.

Forgiveness as a verb is as healing for the forgiver as for the forgiven. The final results may not be a miraculous return to a previous, untouched time of innocence. But they will be healing and allow you to move forward, firm in the knowledge of the love and support you do have.


If you enjoy the artwork in these readings, please visit The Enchanted World of Amy Zerner & Monte Farber.

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