Weekly Reading: 11/13/2017

Is it possible that you have been fighting so long–strategizing, planning, dodging bullets–that you have forgotten how to recognize happiness when you see it? If the battle raging in your mind and thoughts blinds you to the joy and love that surrounds you every day, life must be a tragedy indeed.

Yes, we are living in challenging times. And yes, it is in our best interest to stay alert, to know our surroundings and to hone our skills at psychological chess. But unless we can appreciate the good things in our lives–the victories, the love, the beauty, the camaraderie–then what is the battle for?

it is crucial that while fighting the good fight, we also live the good life. For every battle, there must be a corresponding celebration. For every tragedy, a corresponding joy. Our souls were not built for constant misery, nor will they thrive under a steady diet of pain, anger, and outrage.

If you are feeling depleted and overwhelmed, do yourself the favor of turning off the brain for a while and letting the body have a go at happiness. Eat good food. Spend time with friends and loved ones. Go out in nature. Listen to music. Drop out of your thoughts and into this beautiful, magnificent world we inhabit. Not only will your body, mind, and spirit get the rest they so desperately need, but you will also remember keenly what you are fighting for. And this will prepare you for the next battle to come more thoroughly than any amount of planning, pacing, or worrying.


If you enjoy the artwork in these readings, please visit The Enchanted World of Amy Zerner & Monte Farber.

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