Weekly Reading: 11/06/2017

We have within us all the tools we need to create positive change in the world. There are times when this is obvious–our words are golden, our touch is magical, and all the pieces fall into place effortlessly.

When the times come where our words falter, our touch is clumsy, and the puzzle pieces seem tattered and scattered to the winds, it’s a good idea to quiet your mind. Have faith that you hold the keys to your own success and salvation, that the will of the universe is benevolent, and that what seems like sacrifice now will seem powerful and brave when you look back upon it in the future.

If your efforts seem to be falling short of their goals this week, show yourself the respect you would show any leader. Know that even the most effective person has times where they simply need to wait, where they have to allow the universe to catch up with their desires, and let the machinations of reality churn through their paces.

Be brave, warriors and dreamers. The world is a good place, and you’re doing just fine.

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