Weekly Reading: 10/16/2017


After what seems a lifetime of waiting, signs of dawn are beginning to appear. Reward, love, good feelings, and optimism are breaking through the frustration and anxiety of the last few weeks. Perhaps you’re not seeing a full manifestation yet, but after all your careful tending, you can definitely see the shoots peeking up through the soil.

Enjoy it. No matter how hard you’ve been working, no matter how difficult your path has been, your heart can remain focused on the good in the world, your love for humanity and the Earth and all those nifty things that often drive us crazy.

Take some time to enjoy the little victories this week will bring, the unexpected rewards that (when you really consider it) are not all that unexpected after all. As with anything, this period of satisfaction will last a while, and then life will spin back on its chaotic axis. But you will be stronger and more able to handle the challenges after this period of renewal.

If you enjoy the images in these weekly readings,
please visit The Enchanted World of Amy Zerner & Monte Farber.

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