Weekly Reading: 9/11/2017

At this moment, there’s a whole lot of second-guessing going on. A lot of people are retracing a lot of paths, wondering just how in heck we wound up where we are. The news is filled with frightening and upsetting images, blame is being tossed around right and left, and it seems like the entire fabric is unraveling.

It’s tempting to want to isolate, pull away and regroup, but that doesn’t seem to be possible right now. The real world is demanding at the moment, and every moment spent navel-gazing is a moment when something that could be done isn’t getting done.

The time to review is after the danger has passed, not during. Right now, resources both physical and energetic need to be focused on matters at hand, and not wasted on the whos and whys. There will be time enough for deconstruction when the crisis is over.

What is needed now is focus, slow and deliberate action, common sense and hard work. When the ship is in danger, the crew doesn’t survive by fighting over who missed the iceberg. They pull together, man their stations, and stay afloat.

When the noise of the world starts to get too distracting, bring your focus inward, remember your values, and do not stray from the narrow path. It’s not about winning or losing at this point; it’s about who will come out of the fire stronger, more resilient, and glimmering like tempered steel.


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