Everyday Mysticism: Pleased to meet you, Bob (The Post about Spirit Guides)


Bob is Kathryn’s spirit guide. I have a spotty history with Bob, who can be a little bit of (shall we say) a smart-ass. Bob wears blue jeans and a cowboy hat, and doesn’t really look or act like your typical guardian angel.

Bob and Kat were paired for a very specific reason–he was a misogynist in life, and she has had issues with men in several of her incarnations. Just like that scene in The Parent Trap where Miss Inch puts Susan and Sharon in the isolation cabin together, the Cosmic Camp Director figured either they’d learn to get along, or they’d punish each other much more than She ever could.

Okay, Bob isn’t really a misogynist (much), and Kat doesn’t really have a problem with men (a lot). But I write this to illustrate the point that our guides are not always what we’d expect them to be.

If you want to connect with your spirit guides, learn more about who they are and what they do, or maybe get to know your guardian angels, everybody has a plan to help you out. Teacher/Writer Teri Uktena discusses spirit animals, guides, and the like frequently on her Akashic Records podcast (which is marvelous, btw). Heck, you can even take a fun online quiz (BTW, I got the Butterfly on that one)!

If you’re looking for me to teach you how to find your guides, sorry. This isn’t that kind of post.

Instead, I’d like to talk a little bit about the relationship you can have with your guide(s) and what you can expect from them. I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject – I can only share with you my experiences and understanding.

What are guides anyway? To my understanding, guides are spirit beings who are connected to you as you go through you embodied life. They know you, understand you, love you unconditionally and are available to give you perspective when you most need it.

Does everybody have guides? As far as I know, yes. Every person with a soul has a connection to the other side. And since we all have souls, then we all are connected to All That Is.

If everybody has guides, why haven’t I met mine? Have you tried? This is not a flippant question. People often believe that the spirit world is somewhere far away, separated from us by vast distances and difficult to reach. But the truth is, our guides are with us all the time. We just don’t notice them. We come into these bodies and forget our true nature as spiritual beings, and this renders us oblivious to the guides who look out for us. And that’s fine, because the point of living an embodied life is not to stay in the spirit realm. But if we need them, they’re pretty easy to find.

Okay, I’ve followed the instructions in the five zillion links you provided. I’ve met my “guide.” How do I know this isn’t just my mind making things up? Well, let me ask you this? What is your mind? Where is it, exactly, in your body? Where is your imagination? Can you see it, touch it? Nobody knows exactly what it is that thinks our thoughts, what spark gives life to our thoughts and perceptions. So is your guide a figment of your imagination? Possibly. But your imagination may also be a figment of your imagination, too. That doesn’t stop you from benefiting from what it gives you, right?

But, can I trust what my guide is telling me? The cool thing about being alive is having free will. Chances are, your guide is rarely going to tell you what to do. And, as Kat always says, “Your higher power is not gonna call you an idiot.” If your “guide” is steering you wrong, belittling or disrespecting you, or telling you to do something you don’t feel is ethical or healthy, then you may be listening to the voice of your ego, your fears, or old tapes from others that are still playing in your head. When your guide is helping you, truly helping you, it simply feels right. Just like a harmony clicks when the notes are sung properly, your guide’s message will click, as if you were remembering something you’d known all along.

What’s the difference between spirit guides and angels? This depends on your belief system. Doreen Virtue states that guardian angels and spirit guides are basically the same thing, and goes on to define the various types of angels on her blog.  Stacie Bannon differentiates between spirit guides and angels, stating:

 Spirit Guides are nonjudgmental, highly evolved Souls who are assigned to us before we are born to help nudge and guide us through life.  … Spirit Guides are also different from the “Angels” around us. Angels have never incarnated as humans in lifetimes, they have no need to. They are closest vibrationally and spiritually to “the Divine,” Higher Power or God – whatever your conception of the Divine is.

How many guides do I get? Can my guide be an animal? A psychic once told me I had eleven guides circling my head. I didn’t quite buy it, but that could be the reason for the voices in my head. Regardless of what your aura photo shows or the psychic at the State Fair told you, know that you can have multiple guides who appear to you in human or animal form. Sometimes your guides will change over the years as your needs change. Remember, your guides are spiritual, non-embodied beings. Their appearance is for your benefit, not theirs. If you need a sweet hound dog to make you feel safe, your guide will choose that form. If you feel safer with a burly Viking dude, that’s the form they will take.

Who are your guides? Well, since I told you about one of Kat’s guide (with her permission), it’s only fair I should share mine. My first guide I met was a beautiful female giraffe named Lukia. Later, I met another guide named Merry–a round, happy woman dressed like an old-school European peasant woman. The Dog Who Has No Name (he never did tell me) showed up one day in my meditations. He’s a German Shepherd and he basically shows up when I’m feeling unsafe and need protection. This week, while working through the first lesson of Teri Uktena’s Find Your Soul Purpose Through the Akashics class, I met my newest guide, a proper skunk gentleman by the name of Ska.

Your guides are there to help you, if you want their help. They are not going to give you orders or magical instructions to help you win the lottery, but they are there to help you remember your purpose and a reminder of the larger perspective.

There’s no way in one blog post to even begin to cover everything about spirit guides, spirit animals, and the like. But I hope I’ve given you a jumping off point where you can meet and get to know your own guides.

Please feel free to share this post. Feedback is always appreciated, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and Twitter.



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