Weekly Reading: 9/4/2017


Hang on, folks. Hard as it is to believe, Mercury Retrograde in Virgo (or The Month of Living Frantically) is almost over. Mercury Direct station occurs at 11:29 am Greenwich time on September 5 and should be out of the shadow completely by September 19.

And as far as the Mercury folks out there are concerned, not a bit too soon. It’s been a rough month for everyone, from natural disasters to man-made ones. With tempers high and anxieties higher, it’s a very short line from conversation to argument almost everywhere you go.

Not that these aren’t conversations we need to be having. No two ways about it, the world is at a nexus point. Big things are happening, moorings are breaking loose, and we as a people are being tested.

The good news is, nexus times are powerful generators of change. Take a look at any history book, and you can point out these nexus times–the Protestant Reformation, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, just to name a few… Out of the chaos of these times were born real change and societal reform.

Just like childbirth is not exactly a picnic for the expectant mother, the creation of real change in a society is painful, messy, and exhausting. Words may be said in the heat of labor that are, well, not exactly polite. Deep resentments, hidden in times of peace and comfort, may be lurched into the forefront in times of pain and chaos.

Times like these will test everything. Relationships, values, stamina, world-view, even personal goals and desires–all are held up to the light, scrutinized and dissected, until the chaff has been separated from the wheat.

What’s left after a time of emotional, social, and physical scrutiny? That is really up to us, isn’t it? As a society and as individuals.

Now, please don’t fool yourself into believing that a little thing like Mercury going direct is going to end the chaos. Nope, we’re in for the long haul. Mercury Retrograde is just an intensifier, fuel added to the fire of change and growth. A cosmic power-up, if you will, to our often-unwilling sociological growth-spurt.

As we move through these times, remember, these changes are supposed to be happening. This is part of our growth as a species, just like adolescence. It may be uncomfortable, annoying, and even embarrassing, but it’s natural and unavoidable. We are basically leaving our childhood behind. This is the time where we decide what sort of adults we are going to be.

If you want to successfully navigate this awkward (and often dangerous) adolescence, focus on the person you want to be and the society you want to live in. Do not resist change, because that is just wasting time and energy. Instead, focus on the future, the things that matter to you, the people you love, the ideals you believe in. When things get tough, these will be the strengths that carry you through the hard parts.

Be brave. Be strong. We will get there.

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