Weekly Reading: 8/14/2017


As the week begins, so many of us have minds awash in tragedy. We are being bombarded with images that horrify, sadden, and disappoint us. It’s easy, almost understandable, to get swept up in the anger, grief, and accusations sweeping across the world. It’s easy–and understandable–to lose faith. In a world that has seemingly gone mad, sometimes it feels like we can’t even trust our own senses.

The time is coming where sadness, rage, and disappointment must cede the forefront of our narratives to allow reason and strategy to move forward. It is important, though, that we clarify our minds before taking action. So much of what we are seeing and hearing these days is being filtered through the passions (and often misinformation) of people and institutions that do not share our values.

Despite what may seem an aching desire to do something-anything-besides nothing, leaping forward without a plan is a sure-fire path to disaster.

In other words, somebody has to be the designated grown-up, and it might as well be you. Or me. Or, hey, how about we all take on the role of grown-up moving forward?

This is probably the hardest thing any of us can do. To be prudent and wise in the face of others’ irrational behavior requires nerves of steel and the faith of angels. It requires trust, in others and in the universe, that the side of good will win out if those who would serve the greater good are people of courage and perseverance.

Mercury in full-blown retrograde is not making the situation any easier. Now is the time to listen more than talk, think more than act, understand more than explain. Soon enough, you will be called upon to take action.

Now is the time to make sure that, when you take that action, it will be the right one.


If you enjoy the images in these weekly readings,
please visit The Enchanted World of Amy Zerner & Monte Farber.

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