Weekly Reading: 8/7/2017

If this week seems like you’re already starting off behind the eight ball, you’re not alone. As Mercury starts its inevitable slide in retrograde this week,  be ready for communications breakdowns, interpersonal struggles, and misunderstandings.

The Five of Hearts speaks of disappointments and misunderstandings between you and those closest to you. It may feel like everybody is purposefully misinterpreting what you’re saying (usually in the worst way possible.) If you are not careful, arguments could lead to resentment and hurt feelings.

The Three of Swords in the material realm can be particularly oppressive. Depression, sadness, and physical exhaustion may affect you this week. It may take a lot to keep a positive spin on your day, and you may be tempted to dwell in the darker side of things.

The Queen of Hearts in the spirit position, though, reminds you to keep a calm head and loving heart, even when those closest to you are on the verge of driving you mad. Underneath it all, you are a being of loving energy, and this period of chaos will pass soon enough. Take time for yourself, especially when things are going wrong, and nurture that regal, caring being within.


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