Two Ladies Tarot

Are you in charge of your own destiny?

At Two Ladies Tarot, we believe that fortune is more than just a collection of cards on the table. Our goal is to assist our clients in empowering themselves to lead their best life possible.

Using such diverse tools as tarot, oracle cards, life coaching, astrology and magical spell work, the Two Ladies can help you discover your best path through the complex maze of modern life. Whether you want a professional reading, or you wish to learn to read cards for yourself, the Two Ladies offer a host of different products as well as great weekly content through our blog.

Our pricing page lists the services we are currently offering. These services are provided in person in the Phoenix Metro area (we’ll come to you), or virtually through email, phone, or messenger. We also offer an optional follow-up call when you book a full reading through us, just to make sure you’re on track with your goals!

Life is pretty complicated, so why not get a little guidance along the way?

The Two Ladies are Kat Gordon and Deb Baudoin.

Contact Info:

Main Cell: 602-476-4967
Back-up Cell: 270-307-6716


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